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Do you find yourself wondering, where do I find swingers near me? This is the hardest part about the swinging lifestyle: how to discreetly find like minded people for adult fun. It's the reason we set up Canadian Swingers, a site just for swingers in Canada. We hope you enjoy your time with us. As we like to say, two's company, three's better, four is best!

Swingers Party

Well, there is no party better than a swinger’s party - Never has a truer word be spoken! I remember an early party, so many thoughts going through my head, not only for me but for my wife! Would my wife be able to handle it, would I be so nervous I couldn't perform? At the same time, I was really excited, I had had some group fun before, but apart from that I've been with the same woman for 12 years, I've not even been near another woman. For my wife, I'm sure it was the same feeling. She wanted to try something new. When we got to the party, the atmosphere was relaxed, good music, drink, laughs, then things started to turn steamier. I saw out the corner of my eye a man and woman embracing, then another guy went over to her and started to join in, my wife saw, she walked over and asked to participate - woah, we have a live one here! I didn't want to leave my wife on her own; ok so deep down, I knew she'll be ok, probably I was using it as an excuse. We spent 4 hours at that party - both myself and my wife couldn't stop talking about it on the long drive home, we formed a new bond. When my wife and I setup our focus was to make it easy for people to say 'let's go swinging', to go to these swinging parties either as a couple or on their own, and we wanted to make the entire experience easy.

Swinger Couples

Both myself and my wife are swingers. This enables us to understand the thought process when couples first make that leap of faith into the swinger lifestyle. To give you some background, Before we launched both myself and my wife have been married for 10 years, we did everything possible in the bedroom department and included every position you can imagine and just got bored with things, like most people do. We still loved each other, there was never any doubting that. We started to talk about swinging, and the conversation moved on to playful talk and bed room fantasies to something a lot more. Many couples who have thought about going in this direction will remember the moment when the decision was taken to go swinging. Every reason is slightly different; one or both of you may have a high drive, one of you may want to spice things up for the other, or you just want to try something different. Some couples have in depth conversations before going to swinger parties, but we just fell into it accidentally really. Going back some time, there wasn't such as place as the internet, I know, hard to believe, we had to go old-school on it. We didn't know any swingers, we ended up having a female friend come around to our house for some drinks, and one thing led to another, next thing I know we're having a three way. We finally got introduced through word of mouth to another couple, but they were in another city, but at the time that suited us, as we wanted to keep our new-found hobby private, and if we didn't like it, we would just be able to walk away. The first couple we meet were great, David and Lyn, they made us feel right at home, and we set out some rules, then moved on to the bedroom... actually, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen... yeah, that was good! Anyway, we had made the right choice - we loved it!

Swingers Club, Where Swinging Couples Meet.

As I mentioned earlier, because we didn't have the internet when we first started swinging, everything took us a long time to discover, and was never easy as we wanted to keep our private lives private. I'll be honest, the first swinging club we went to was terrible. Lots of men, two women including my wife - not to say we didn't hang around, even my wife couldn't handle that! At a swinger club you need a good mix of male and females; after all, who wants to be hanging around! We were lucky enough to find a high-end club; which was totally amazing. But there is a lot in between, mainly poorly organized clubs with too few females, or even too few people! Once you have joined we recommend talking to people in the swinging chat rooms to discover clubs and get the real low-down, rather than read some fake review.

Find Couples Who Want To Meet And Enjoy The Swinging Lifestyle

Finding couples near me wasn't easy, and for many swingers near me who I know, still isn't easy. There are plenty of swinger apps around, but most are full of time wasters. Many couples who want to meet are desperate to find like-minded people who live the same lifestyle. If you're one of those couples, or a single looking for fun, join us today and start to meet people seeking the same as you.

Find Couples Who Want To Meet And Enjoy The Swinging Lifestyle

Finding couples near me wasn't easy, and for many swingers near me who I know, still isn't easy. There are plenty of swinger apps around, but most are full of time wasters. Many couples who want to meet are desperate to find like-minded people who live the lifestyle. If you're one of those couples, or even if you're single join today and meet like minded people seeking fun.

Find A Threesome

Many swingers experiment with threesome contacts, to find a third who can join them. Many couples looking for a threesome are after something very specific. For example another man or a woman (also known in this context as a 'unicorn' for obvious reasons!).